Dealer Program

Buyer assurance — before and after the sale.

Our Brand Boat Dealer Program is designed to provide dealers, and their salesmen, the opportunity to offer their new boat buyers enrollment in the Brand Boat Preventative Maintenance Program at NO CHARGE for the first year of ownership.

By providing this service to your buyers you can assure your customers that all their questions, concerns and service needs on their new boats heating cooling systems will be handled at no cost to them.

How it works: 

Once the dealer or salesman has closed the deal they will contact our office to provide information on make, model, and delivery date of the vessel.  Our office will send a complimentary gift bag to the salesman to present to the buyer which will contain congratulations letter and information on their enrollment into out Preventative Maintenance Program.   The buyers will be directed to contact our office to set up their initial introduction which will include:  A full inspection of the system, explanation and instruction to the system and displays, demonstration of routine servicing.

Once completed we schedule their annual maintenance visits which includes:

— Check Refrigerant Pressures

 Check Amperages of Compressors

 Inspect Pumps & Fan / Blowers

 Clean AC Strainers

 Clean Return Air Filters

  Inspect Sea Water Pumps

  Check operation of Pump Relays

  Inspect Electrical connections. Sensors and Capacitors

  Inspect Condensate drains & Evaporator coils

  Calibrate Displays and Air Temperatures

  Provide a Customer report with Recommendations.

Customer-Optional Services:

Engine / Heat Exchanger Flushing, Water / Ice maker Flushing, Cleaning Sea Water Manifolds, Additional Descaling Visits, Monthly Strainer Cleaning


The Brand Boat Dealer program is designed to help the salesmen incentivize buyers by “sweetening the deal”.  The cost of the Brand Boat Preventative maintenance program normally starts at $2,000 Annually and increases with the size of the vessel, but since we don’t charge the dealer or the buyers the its up to the salesperson to present the deal on behalf of the dealership.   This way the customer gets a much-needed service and the dealers look like they have gone out of their way to take care of the customers.   The Brand Boat is an Authorized Dometic dealer and service center in North & South Carolina, South Florida, and Virginia, which means that we handle all warranty related repairs, saving your service department time and money.  

For additional information on this program or to inquire about our used boat options please contact us.