Preventative Maintenance Program

Ship-shape — Season to Season.

To avoid costly AC repairs and ensure that your boats system is working efficiently we advise all boat owners to enroll in our Preventative Maintenance Program.  Our annual maintenance program covers two visits, typically scheduled in the Spring and Fall to ensure that your systems is ready for the Change in the seasons*.

Services Include:

 Descaling of Condenser Coils. (Utilizing our Yacht Flush system and our environmentally friendly marine growth remover we are to clean the AC lines and coils that routine strainer cleaner can’t accomplish)

 Check Refrigerant Pressures

 Check Amperages of Compressors

 Inspect Pumps & Fan / Blowers

 Clean AC Strainers

 Clean Return Air Filters

 Inspect Sea Water Pumps

 Check operation of Pump Relays

 Inspect Electrical connections. Sensors and Capacitors 

 Inspection of Condensate drains & Evaporator coils

 Check Displays and Air Temperatures

 Provide a Customer report with Recommendations

Optional Services:

 Engine / Heat Exchanger Flushing

— Water / Ice maker Flushing

 Cleaning Sea Water Manifolds

 Additional Descaling Visits

 Monthly Strainer Cleaning

Customers enrolled in our Preventative Maintenance Program also take advantage of:

— 15% off all Brand Boat Labor 

Rates and AC part and Equipment

— 15% off All products on

— Priority scheduling on any AC 

service work

— Priority Scheduling on other Brand 

Boat services  



Pricing starts at $1000.00 / year and is based on the type of system, size of vessel, number of units, and water conditions at vessels home port. Please call our office so that we can provide with a custom quote and get you on Board. 

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