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Autopilot - Controls

Autopilot - Controls

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Furuno FAP7011C-A 2nd Station Control Unit

Use this color display as a a second station to Furunos popular 700 series autopilots...


Garmin GHC20 Color Autopilot Control Display

Take Control of Your Autopilot Compatible with legacy Garmin autopilots, as well as, newer Garmin a..


Raymarine P70RS Pilot Control

Raymarine p70Rs Autopilot Control With Rotary Knob Model: E70329 UPC: 723193812310 3.5" super bri..


Raymarine P70S Pilot Control

Raymarine p70s Autopilot Control Model: E70328 UPC: 723193812303 3.5" super bright oversized LCD ..


Simrad A2004 Autopilot Control Head

Simrad A2004 Autpilot Control HeadModel: 000-13895-001Proven Simrad interface designed for commercia..


Simrad AP44 Autopilot Control With Rotary Dial

Simrad AP44 Rotary Dial Autopilot Control Head Model: 000-13289-001 UPC: 9420024155141 Rotary-dia..


Simrad AP48 Autopilot Control With Rotary Dial

Simrad AP48 Autopilot Controller Model: 000-13894-001 Intuitive autopilot interface with extended ..


Simrad AP60 Control Auto Pilot Control Head

The Simrad AP60 is an entry level pilot packed wtih features often reserved for high-end autopilots...


Simrad Ap70 Mk2 Control Auto Pilot Control Head

Simrad AP70 MK2 ControlModel: 000-14958-001Wheelmarked for use on board SOLAS vessels (IMO, MED-B)Ad..


Simrad FU80 Follow Up Remote

FU80 Follow UP remote unit with display, 6m factory mounted drop cable, T-connector, front bezel, in..


Simrad OP12 Autopilot Control

Simrad OP12 Autopilot Controller Model: 000-13287-001 UPC: 9420024155127 Intuitive operation Eas..


Simrad R-3000X Remote

Hand-held remote control with 7m cable and mounting bracket.  provides NFU steering in STBY and Dodg..


Simrad WR10 Wireless Remote Kit For Autopilots

Simrad WR10 Wireless Autopilot remote and Base station Model: 000-12316-001 UPC: 9420024140062 Easy ..


Wintron N Female Solder Type

N Type Connector - Solder Type - Female - for RG-8, RG-213 (UG-23/BU)..